I just checked when I wrote my last entry.

August 18

,it sais.

Hey, that actually reminds me of a song: Summer of ’69. Since, eh, it feels about that long ago since I last posted an entry here. Which is weird considering the fact that I’ve been writing immensely much these last few months. “So, why is it so long ago then?”, nobody asks. I really and honestly don’t know. I kept thinking to myself: “ah yes, this would actually be good blog post”. Mostly when it was related to a quote. Which was of course the whole purpose of this blog to begin with. But you know how it goes, life just takes over. And once a day quite quickly turns in to, well, once in about 8 months… ? First it was my thesis that got in the way, then the job search and finally, the job itself.

And you know what they say about student life being the best time of your life and you needing to enjoy and hold on to it for as long as you can, because before you know it, it will be over and you’ll never be that free again? It’s true, it’s all true. Every last bit of it. I’m sure it’s true no matter how much you love your job. But, what if you don’t? If you like it and think it’s rather okay for the fact you’ve only graduated 8 months ago, but you don’t love it? You find it hard to keep motivated at work, and it gets worse with each passing day? You fantasize about long and pointless conversations about any (just any) subject you’re passionate about, because you’re drained of enthusiasm for the tasks at hand? This new-found lack of freedom can feel penetrating, almost suffocating. Sure, there are moments and people I quite enjoy, but the larger part of my days are spent daydreaming of a time where I will finally be doing something I love again. Something that simply excites me, at least 70 % of the times.

Now, to hell with it. I shan’t complain. Worse things have happened. Guess it’s time to take on one of life’s whimsical challenges, no matter how irritating they can be, and realize that there is almost always a reason for why we feel the way we feel. And that there’s only two things we can do when things go awry: we can deal with them, or if we can’t, then we must accept them. Now, I’d say I’m still flexible, dynamic and perhaps stupid enough to not simply accept a job that doesn’t really make me happy and … deal with it by moving on. Because yes, the times spent at university, just like the summer of 69 for Bryan Adams, may have been “… the best days of my life”, but my life isn’t over just yet. And I’m actually quite enjoying my little pursuit of “an adult life that doesn’t completely erase who I’ve been so far”, unless preferable. So, even though this chapter seems to have run its course, new chapters are already in the making, just waiting to be read and experienced like all the ones before.

To conclude,

Ain’t no use in complainin’
When you got a job to do

unless you could be doing another and better one too, in which case, there may be some use in finding a new one instead.

So, cheers to you all. Maybe I will put some of the stuff up that I recently wrote. Maybe sometime soon.

Maybe. Or not.

Either way, why not sit back and think back of the best days of your life for the time being?


Man we were killin’ time
We were young and restless
We needed to unwind
I guess nothin’ can last forever




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